male devotion / female empowerment

individual privat sessions ( all genders, singles, couples )



male devotion: orgasm control, tease & denial, chastity, cuckholding, tender bdsm


female empowerment: goddess activation, encouragement in your sexual power


couple work: tools & practices for good and better relationships


What is the benefit for you?


Reconnect more with your sensual & sexual energy, bring your divine power to life and make good use of it.


Fully accept and indulge all your needs, yearnings, fantasies-without shame, guilt or other blocking thoughts and feelings.


Awaken your divine power in you and activate your life energy.


It is a safe and secure environment for encounters, self-discovery and discovery together.


Get in contact with me and let us together see where the journey can go.


Are you curios? I am!



*prices according to individual agreements*


( 80 Euro - 250 Euro )


also online sessions available!





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